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Customer Reviews for Ken Grody Ford-Buena Park Buena Park, CA

Finding the right car at the right price, is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At Ken Grody Ford-Buena Park in Buena Park, CA, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level. If you have never purchased or had your car serviced here at Ken Grody Ford-Buena Park, allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

Your customer service skills are outstanding. I know that I was very upset and frustrated when I spoke to you and determined not to return to your facility ever. However, after speaking to you and with the courtesy presented I know I will be back and recomend you in particular. Thank you and god bless you.

Esperanza Rivera

Beacuse of you and your service department we enjoy a trustworthy truck to take us all over our beloved desert, thank you!

Joey, Molly, and Neva Jean

Dear Kurt, The Committees of the Philharmonic Society want to thank you for your assistance in the purchase of our new 2011 Ford Transit Connect XLT. Chris Bolduc was so helpful in our decision making but we know you had a hand in the deal we got. The children of Orange County who experience the music mobile thank you.

Sincerely, Karen Ridout President

About two weeks ago I had a very kind and caring experience with your employees. I can say that all of them go above and beyond what customer service truly stands for but one man individually came to help me in a way I can never say thank you enough. Jason Noble spent not an hour, but many helping me fix a personal problem that had nothing to do with him. I had purchased two vehicles from Manny, Sean, and Jason just two months earlier before falling out with another vehicle that was in my name but belonged to my mother. Now with three vehicles in my name one of which we did not want when we were in a bind. We had a fiesta, fusion, and a Denali. Among the three we were upside down approx 13,000 dollars. You can see how my heart was breaking. Jason went to lengths that I never would have asked or even guessed a salesman or business man would ever attempt. he treated me as a person and not a costumer or a price tag. With that I am truly grateful. He looked out for my family and beacuse of this I will never purchase another vehicle that is not a ford. Besides ford vehicles being amazing today, it was and is truly Jason that will keep me in there permanently. Currently we have just one ford F150, due to the fact that we traded in all three because of finances falling from the denali. I can promise you this however that within the next year I will be back to buy a vehicle for myself and I will forever send all my friends and family and anyone i speak to, to ken Grody Ford to pay forward the kindness, and sheep professioanalism that i recieve there. Thank you so much for having a beautiful staff that allowed me this amazing life experience. This shows Ford is more than just a label.

Best regards,

Regina Shelley

Great Job Michelle! Thank you,

Daniel Nixon

Ken Grody dealership is fabulous! Thank you,

Jay Haber

I am not a fan of the car buying experience. The people at Ken Grody Ford understood my needs and quickly moved through the process. I have purchased vehicles form them in the past and will continue to do so. I have and will strongly recommend the dealership to anyone with interest in purchasing a Ford product. Thank you,

Robert Cline

Absolutely great! Thank you,

Kevin Hughes

I was extremely happy and satisfied with the great service I recieved at Ken Grody Ford Buena Park. My salesman, Eddie, was the best and really made me feel comfortable about purchasing my first car. He was very patient with me and explained everything about the car to as well as worked with me on the financial end of the deal. These were the nicest people I have ever met and dealt with at a car dealership and I have been highly recommending Ken Grody to all my friends and family! Thank you,

Jacquiline Corneyea

I still have my 1978 F-150 4x4 shortbed that I bought brand new, I am the Ford man. I have purchased several trucks from KG Ford, sent others to them and will continue to do so, great stuff....good job, Thank you,

Richard Costa

Customer Service agent was great. Thanks for everything,

Chip Smith

Very good and able to respond to a short time frame with a good price. Delivered vehicle to our facility. Thank you,

Custom Fiberglass Manufacturing Com.

I have purchased five trucks over the years from Ken Grody. For Baek in service it feels good to go to a dealer and be recognized and addresssed. If I ever move away from Buena Park I would probably return to Ken Grody to purchase a vehicle. Thank you,

Mark Huerta

Eric Romanoff and Mike Baek do an excellent job. I recommend that you take them to dinner and give them a few personal days off to be with their families. They don't see me very often, but when they do they know me by first name. Ken Grody wille even address you if your in the area. I deal mainly with Malcom Cunningham in Atlanta. Mike Sanders is an old friend of mine from high school who is the sales manager there. Thank you,

William Ford

Than you for helping me purchase a new Ford Edge. Thank you,

Robert Olivas

Just great!! Thank you

Tim Terbush, Alvin Parmenter

Great. This dealer was able to make me a deal that four other Ford Dealerships could not. Thank you,

Karabelnik Robert

I was very pleased with my purchased vehicle all of my family has Fords some older than me and still run. Ken Grody Ford is a very nice, clean, friendly place. Thank you,

Kristoffer Olson

Carlos was a great salesman. We were very happy with our experience at Ken Grody and will be back. Thank you,

Jeffrey Wilkinson

Andy in the service department was wonderful to work with! Very professional and kind of helpful. For now on I will only do business with Andy in service. The guy who worked on my car was amazing as well. Thank you,

Brian Oates

This is my first Ford truck in 25 years. I always was a Chevy person and i am giving Ford another try. Thank you,

Stephen Strunk

Tim Prete is awesome. Thank you,

Andre Johnson

This is a quality dealership in all aspects sales and service. Their service department is the best Ford service in Orange County. They treat csutomers as they should be treated. Thank you,

Frank Buehler

Luise was great. Ford service center was great. Thank you,

Jessica Reede

The dealership was great. Our sales person (Bill Jahant) was awesome, he moved at a pace we were comfortable with and didn not try and push into something we didn't want. Would definitely recommend. Thank you,

Paul Janich

ll I can say is that everything was better than excellent. Thank you,

Nick Staggs

Excellent-very pleased! Thank you,

Mary Weston

Jason Quigley and Carlos Ali were both great! Thank you,

Valerie Zaks

Thank you Ford for making great cars and trucks. Thank you,

Kia Lee

Amazing. Thank you,

Kelly Gray

Amador Flores is the most excellent car salesperson at Ken Grody Ford. I understood everyone of my car buying needs. I do not think I will ever buy another vehicle form Ken Grody unless he sells it to me. I am very happy and satisfied with his professionalism and detail in making sure that I was happy with my purchase. Thank you,

Perla Silva

Dean Nissen my sales person did a great job. I will buy my next Ford from Dean. Thank you,

Victor Kim

Not only did I trade in my 2009 Flex limited for a 2011 Flex limited, but I convinced a friend to trade his Mercedes G-Wagon in on a loaded Flez and he loves the car! Sync is awesome and nothing compares. Thank you,

Julie Christian

I have purchased several cars from Ken Grody Ford. I live close to about 3 other Ford dealerships but I chose to drive to ken Grody as I feel comfortable with them and their honesty. Thank you,

Doreen Pelletier

The sales agent Hector was excellent! No pressure at all! Hector made the experience very enjoyable and low key! He made it seem that he was more interested in helping us with what we needed, rather than just selling a car! Thank you,

Michael Layne

Carlos Ali provided exceptional service. I would recommend all friends and family to work with him. Thank you,

Myers-Stevens/Toohey Inc

My experience here with Ken Grody has been very satisfying. Thank you very much for your freindly staff. Thank you,

Jose Mendoza

Jason was a pleasure to deal with and best car buyign experience ever!!! Thank you,

Christopher Craghead

From the first phone call to the dealershop to when I drove my new Ford home, I was very pleased iwththe staff at the dealership. My salesman, Jason Quigley, was very helpful through the whole process. We are enjoying our new Ford!!! Thank you,

Jerry Angier

I had great experience buying my new car. I am completely satisfied with the purchase of my 2010 Ford Focus. My salesperson, Michele treated me witht he utmost respect, as did the other Ford employees that I have spoken with in your facility. I will definitely return for services and future purchases. Thank you,

Michele Devries

Very happy with the service and the vehicle purchased. Thank you,

Sorrell Hanson

Good experience. If we ever get another Ford, would definitely go back to this dealership. Thank you,

David Livengood

Loved Michele she was great! Thank you,

Kayla Shriver

Excellent service. I have no complain at all. Thank you,

Miguel Cano

Tim, Jeremy, and Chris are the best! Thank you,

Charles Baptista

Jason made the purchase easy. He was forthright, attentive adn thorough. Thank you,

Georgio Bros Partnership

This was a great buying experience and I will be back when I purchase my next car. The sales person and staff were so very helpfull that I will recommend this place to all of my family and friends. Thanks Ken Grody Ford and to Michele Crawford and Carlos Aguirre and to Jack Jacobs in finance for making this an easy and painless experience. Thank you,

Robert Crawford

Effective and efficent salesman made buying the truck very easy! Thank you,

Robert Velasco

Very happy with Andy Vazquez in service department. Thank you,

Edward Valenzuela

Ken Grody Ford, in particular, and Ford, in general, embody the best automotive experience whether compared to GM or to any of the foreign manufactures. My salesperson, Michelle Crawford, deserves special recognition for going above and beyond in assuring total customer satisfaction. Thank you,

George Rudolph

Anthony did fantastic. Thank you,

Herbert Lamonda

Patrick was very helpful. He is a great person. Thank you,

Larry Olson

Everyone I came in contact with, or spole to on the phone, was very nice, couteous and professional. Thank you,

Veronica Carnahan

Excellent. Thank you,

Luis Garcia

Our sales person, Robert, was the best sales person we've ever dealt with. We have purchased a couple of high end cars (2010 jag and 2011 BMW) for ourselves (the Ford was purchased for our son), thereofre, within the last couple of months, we have dealt with a few dealers. I have to say this much, Robert's "class" and level of education (especially his goal for a much higher education), and handling clients was abover and beyond our expectations. I hope Ken Grody appreciates Robert and please thank him again for all of us. Thank you,

Mina, Glenn, Natasha, and Sean Dassoff

Tony, my salesman, was excellent! Personable, worked hard to answer all my questions and maintain "after the sale" service. Thank you,

George Fotion

All good! Thank you,

Janice Frederick

I would like to thank Pierre for having the garage foor opener installed in my Edge at no charge. When I purchased this vehicle, I assumed it was standard equipt. Since it was in my last four years. Thank you,

Gennine Miller

The college discount program is awesome. The service was great. I use to drive an Audi A4- I can honeslty say "I traded up!!!" Thank you,

Mark Edwards

Excellent service from Carlos Ali. We stopped many times during the transaction just to tell him how enjyable and nice our experience was. We are considering buying a flew from carlos as an additional family car. We liked him and the Ken Grody experience that much. Thank you,

Don Brown

Tim Terbush was our salesman. IT was not only informative during the buying process, it was fun. Thanks Tim,

Michael Hutton

My service advisor was excellent. Thank you,

Robert Hirschfeld

Ken Grody Ford has always treated us excellent. Andy Vazquez has been very helpful. Thank you,

Juan Briseno

Great experience, will come back again. Thank you,

Lori Ramirez

Thank you Ken Grody Ford! Carlos Ali was excellent! Thank you,

Anna Henrichsen

Travis White was very haelpful. He made sure we were 100% taken car of at all times. I look forward to purchasing several vehicles with him in the future. ihave reccomended him two freinds and coworkers. Jeremy in service has also been 100% on top of customer service. Overall 100% A+ Ken Grody. Thank you very much,

Nick Estilow

Frank was instrumental in our successful acquirement of the new Ford Escape- he made the number work, and was extrremely friendly and professional throughout the negotiation process. In fact, this was to be our last attempt to get a Ford when trading in out 2008 Honda Civic, and because it was successful, and easy and all the staff was freiendly , we'll be back to trade in/trade-up our lease/purchase in the future for another Ford at Ken Grody, specifically. Thank you,

Brett Hickman

In one word OUTSTANDING! Thank you,

Billy Hamman

My salesman, Tony, was wonderful- he had answers to my questions, was very courteous and has a very nice personality. I have purchased many cars throughout the years and he is one of the best salesman Ihave dealt iwth. He was very patient in helping me decide on what vehicle to get. I was leaning towards a small SUV but when he showed me the Fusion I was sold. Being short, I wanted to ensure that I could clearly see in all firections and the sear rises to a good level plus the window in back is not obscured by the headrests. The steering is excellent and being a computer person, I love all the features on the car. You need to advertise the differences between the Fusion Hybrid and other electric cars out here. Most people I speak to think you have to plug the car into get this type of car was explained to them. It is a beautiful looking car in Pearl White- I just love the way it drives and the leather seats, etc.

Everything went as expected. The sales team worked hard to negotiate a price for the vehicle I ordered. Most dealers will not do this. Thank you,

Michael Klyde

Patrick, the slaesman, was extremely helpful and knowledgable. I will look forward to purchasing vehicles in the future from him. thank you,

Sommer Shalikar

Everything went okay. Thank you,

Craig Schwabenland

I received a rescind letter from Ken Grody requesting an end of the leas and immediate return of the vehicle about a week after the purchase. At first, I was worried because I thought that I was going to be car-less so shortly after the purchase. So it seemed like something had gone wrong, but after making a phone call, the finance manager mentioned it was only a means to inform us that they were going to end the lease, and make a new purchase deal with me instead involving cheaper payments, which turned out to be a good thing. A phoen call prior to receiving the letter would have saved a couple days of panic! But overall, I am very happy with me new Ford and I look forward to driving it for th enect few years. Thank you,

Stephen Scarr

Shorter time waiting to do paperwork. People were friendly. Mike Castillo treated us iwth respect, "no games." Thank you,

Fred Frueh

Salesman Amador Flores goes above and beyond the standard salesperson protocol. He seems more of a friend than a so-called "salesman", and I am a purchasing manager. I want to buy low. I felt like we met in the middle for a happy medium. Win Win! This is our second Ford vehicle we've leased directly from Amador Flores and Ken Grody Ford. I would definitely recommend this dealership and Amador Flores to any and all friends and family who are interested in the purchase or lease of a Ford vehicle. Sincerely,

Robert/Silvana Klemer

I was very satisfied with Robert he was very helpful and very clear with everything that there was to offer. I would send all my friends and family to Robert to buy new vehicles. Thank you,

Lupe Magallanes

Sales person went out of his way to make the experience great! Thank you,

Paul Orlando

Overall experience pleasant and professionally conducted. Thank you,

David Pererson

Ken Grody Ford has a 5 star service department. My wife has loved the over all treatment there for the past six years. Andy in your service department has treated her very well. OUr recent purchase is because of their commitment to good service. We have personally purchased four new fords from Ken Grody giving us a total of five Fords at our home currently. I have also sent many of my family and friends to Ken Grody. I have had different issues with the dealershop or Ford, the one thing I can say, that in the end they have always done the right thing. I will continue to buy cars and send friends and family to Carlos and Pierre at Ken Grody. P.S. Eric Pak was a top manager in my book and very much miss him. Thank you,

David Batistelli

Excellent! Thank you,

Bryn Jones

The salesman that we had is named Pierre and is one of the best people that we have ever dealt with. Thank you,

John Wicketts

Dean Nissan was outstanding he researched the truck I wanted and found it. Also, Pierre was awesome at showing me how the truck works. I would definitely come back to Ken Grody! Thank you,

Michael London

Great dealership!! Thank you,

Gerald Karch

Anthony helped me alot and he persuaded me to buy a Ford instead of another car. I was completly satisfied with his service. Thank you,

Tracy Allen

This is our 5th Ford truck purchased by our family for Ken Grody Ford. We would like to thank them for the outstanding service they have provided. Thank you,

Edgar Mendez

This was one of the best purchases for a vehicle I have ever made. The salesman was very helpful and delivered the vehicle to my business. I would recommend him to anyone that needed a vehicle. He is an asset to your company. This information I hope will be shared with Ken Grody Ford and with Patrick O'brien. Thank you,

Robert Thompson

Ken Grody Ford and Clarence and Travis did what they said they would do. I will buy my next car "2014" from them. They are awesome!!! Thank you,

Michael Hoge

Travis White did a great job overall. He was very helpful and informative as to what I needed as a customer and took care as to get me the exact vehicle I was in the market for. I am truely satisfied with my buy and I have already recommended Ken Grody and Travis White to my firends and co-workers. Thank you,

Chris Rudiger

Friendly service staff! Thank you,

Rodolfo Bribiesca

Andy gets the work done fast. Never have a long wait. Thank you,

Alicia Rodriguez

Mr. Robert Soto was an excellent salesman! Thank you,

Jennifer Yang

Great customer service. Attention to what I wanted. Did everything possible so I can get into the car I want. Thank you,

Juan Vega

Patrick O'Brian is a very nice person. Very easy to work with. Thank you,

Craig Newpauer

This transaction was handled very easily and, yes, we would buy another car from Ken Grody Ford. Thank you,

Kenneth Carr

Robert Soto my salesman was very honest and helped me all the way through the deal. Very pelasant young man. I had my motorcycle, and he picked me up at my home, so I could make the deal! He was great. Love my new F-150. Good deal too! Thank you,

Steven Kinney

The team over at Ken Grody Ford, Buena Park are the epitome of what I consider quality customer service professionals. The level of satisfaction I experienced was second to none. This is my second Ford F-150 with this team and I don't believe I wil lever buy another vehicle anywhere else. Ihave forwarded and suggested many individuals to visit KGF and at least two of tehm that I know of, have purchased vehicles there. I can not say enough about your staff. I will continue to recommend KGF. Congrats on our Q3 profits-NOBAMA-2012 stay tough! Thank you


Dustin Pike

Sales person was very helpful and knowledgeable. I think his name is Israel. If I had to purchase another vehicle in the future, I would definately buy from this Ford dealer. Thank you


Elena Velazquez

As I keep coming to puchase all those vehicles at Ken Grody Ford in the past and current, there's a reason for it. They know how to treat the customers right and complete the deals with customer's satisfaction. The salesman named Bill who was a new person to me/ it was 4th car purchased in a row/ but was very kind and professional. Juan at the finance department knows what he's doing for customers as usually. And I also like the person named Mike at the service department who makes mewant to keep coming for services in regualr base in years. Why do I keep coming at only one place and doing this? Because they give customer satisfaction. ken Grody Ford is my favorite place for vehicles. Thank you,

Keith Choison

Thank you for your recent help with the Explorer exchange. It is a very comfortable car and suits our current needs. The only thing is we think we now want Burgandy (just kidding). Not only are we extremely happy with the color an the car, but you also restored our confidence in Fords' "Customer Care" policy and in you and your dealership. We are sorry the whole situation occured but we truely appreciate what you did to remedy it. We will not only remain customers of Ford, but we will recommend your dealership to friends. Thank you,

Jim Codella/Debbie Codella

Just a note to thank your for helping us puchase our new F-150 pick up. I have purchased many vehicles over my 65 yeasrs and you made this one of the must pleasant experiences of the bunch. When my wife took the truck in for service, the service advisor was also pleasant to work with. We purchased a bed top (leer) and it looks great. Moe, the camper store in Stanton on the West side of beach, was where we got the bed top and they were very nice also. We had custom seat packets put on the seats at Collin in Whittier and an exhaust tip added and we are set. Moe, give me a call and let me treat yo uto lunch sometime. Thanks again,

Donald A. Nordine

Hello, I am writing this letter to commend one of your employees, Heather Harris, for her exemplary work to help the funding situation between Ken Grody Ford and Capital Once Auto Finance. Capital Once has in the past had some funding situations with Ken Grody Ford wherein the deals/ funding packages were not coming into Capital One clean enough to fund in a timely manner. Heather has taken on the task of reviewing the packages before they get to Capital Once and chasing for stips on those that were still incomplete. Heather has done a tremendous job. I would like you to know that due to her efforts we have been able to fund you packages more timely and more easily. Finally, I wanted to personally thank you for doing business with Capital Once. Due to the number of deals we were able to fund in the past three months we have been able to put you on our rewards program, wherein we have been referring you our own Capital Once customers ot buy their cars from you. I hope that you have been satisfied with your relationship with Capital One Auto Finance. Sincerely,

Nannette Villelli

I want to thank you for having a great group of salespersons. In particular Dave Medina. I found him to be a kind and knowledge salesman person. It was the best treatment that I have received in buying a new car. Not only was the treatment outstanding, but also the time that I spent at your dealership was very minimal. So my hat is off to Dave Medina. Sincerely,

Nunzio Frank Corso

First, please forgive your late receipt of this letter, however, I would be remiss if I did not share with you my thoughts. I tis with sincere appreciation that I write this letter to you concerning the excellent treatment that I received from one of your representatives, Gus Lopez. I purchased a car from your dealership and Mr.Lopez was the representative that assisted me. Mr.Lopez was what I consider the epitome of professionalism. He was attentive to all of my areas of concern. He took the time to listen to me, worked with my situation and most of all he did not pass judgement. In my opinion Mr. Lopez is a complimentary blend of intelligence, professionalism, sensitivity, caring, and positive spirit. I want to applaud you for having him as a part of your team. I wish everyone had more representatives in their company just like Mr. Lopez. Thank you for making him available to work with me. Sincerely yours,

Sheila L. Butts

Over the past few years, my wife and I have purchaed three cars form your dealership. Of course, we could have purchased them anywhere. However, the people at Ken Grody Ford are incredible in a total quality sense of the word. Total quality is not just a phrase I casually toss about. You see in my career I have designed and introduced several successful continuous improvement management systems, including one for Marine Corops Base Camp Pendleton. iwth that chest-thumping competed, let's get on to the reason I'm writting you. Last night while checking in my truck for service, I saw an example of how the best customer service can be wasted on a jerk of a customer. The customer in question was there to puck up her Excursion. when it was brought to her, she immediately began huffing-and-puffing-as is her right as a customer-that it had not be washed as promised by Mr. Harry Freeman, Assistant Service manager. Mr. Freeman was summond immediately. He superbly performed his problem-solver role by the book. He apologized profusely and offered to have it washed and dried within the next five minutes, if she would spare that much time. Stubbornly, she wouldn't. His other attempts to make things right just irritated her more. I'm passing this account on to you rin the event that you recieve a negative report from that customer. As a knowledgeable system professional, my sympathy went out to Mr. Freema. You and I both know that there are those rare people with whom it is impossible to reason. Mr. Freeman had the misfortune to run into one last night. Sincerely,

William Borges

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the excellent service my wife and I have received on every visit to your Dealership. We have been your customers for the last ten years. Every type of experience from our first purchase to our visits to service has been perfect. My compliments to Kurt Maletych, eric Romanoff, Harry Freeman, Iren Sanchez, and the rest of your staff for the outstanding service you provide. In today's world any company that can provide this high level of service stand out in a very positive way. I drive past more than one Ford Dealership in getting to yours. Thank you. Sincerely,

Danny Comers

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your service this past weekend. I brought my sister (Heather) on Saturday with her late model Ford that was running irregularly. We passed along our intent and time constraints. an I lfelt very satisfied with your proactive approach to rectifying the istuation in a timely manner while keeping in mind the budgetary restraints of a young driver. You fixed what we were asking you to and didn't make the situation out to be more involved than it needed to be. Due to this experience, and other similar that I have had, Heather had stated that she will be sure to bring the vehicle back for future inspections and repairs regardless of the proximity challenges that face her. I feel you and your dealership understand what it means to provide for true customer satisfaction. Thank you again,

Shane Jacobson

I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to Eileen on Saturday regarding my 1999 Explorer and the brake issues. We are not the kind of people that are looking for a free ride only fairness in doing business. Your attitude and gracious displays what Customer Service means and that you personally appreciate our business. we have had cause to complain in the past and decided against that in hopes the service department would improve. If the service department had your interest in keeping customers happy this issue would not have come up. Thank you once again for restoring our faith in Ford. Sincerely,

Larry Nunes

The reason for writing this letter is to "applaud" the fine service received recently at one of your dealerships. My wife and family were on vacation in the Carlsbad area when we had a problem iwth our Bronco. It had to be towed to your Carlsbad dealershop for service last Thursday, July 26th. My first encounter with a " Ken Grody employee was the service advisor, Dennis Zeigler. He was quite professional and at the same time concerned and personal to me. This was a busy day for the dealership to boot. He gave me an honest estimate, a realist time of completion and he and the dealership came through on all points. We were on our way in a very few hours and have not had any reoccurance of that original problem. As a sign of my continues appreation, I will be visting your local dealership for service on my two Ford vehicles when next they need service. Please convey my good wishes to Dennis and the Carlsbad dealership for me. Most Sincerely,

Russell G. Lewis

Erica and Irene Sanchez completed all the arrangements to have a six disc changer installed in my F-350 on Monday, June 18, 2001. Ms. Sanchez was extremely helpful in facilitating my arrival and departure. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your staff for their kind support and assistance. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Cordially,

Dr. Aaron F. Ruble

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the service response I recieved from your service coordinator Irene and the alarm technician Brian. I had managed to get the alarm system in my Thunderbird locked in valet with a low battery in the transmitter. Not only did they rectify the situation in a couple of minutes, Brian carefully showed me how to reset the system and tell when the battery needed changing. Irene completed the experience by giving me a card that explained the system operation in a few simple sentences written in clear English. I mentioned Dana, our salesman for the car, to Irene and asked if he was at this location or at your new high perfomance office just off of the I-5. She told me he was still with the main showroom and checked to see if he was in the building. She took down telphone number to have Dana give me a call. Irene had also performed commendably when I purchased the car over four years ago. Later yesterday, I had a very pleasant conversation with Dana and received an update on happenings at the dealership, especially with respect to high performance vehicles. I inquired about the yellow Corvetteand he told me plans to "remove" its performance (and also yours). I told Dana that my most recent purchase was a pewter 2002 coupe courtesy of the 0% financing. While I was driving home, I mentally decided that I would cerainly look for my next street vehicle at your establishment. After talking with Dana, my decision was reaffirmed and sealed. I say "street" becauase my vice is sprint car racing and own the only Mopar 410 cu. in. sprint car motor actively competing in Souther California. we get about 840 horsepower out of it running on straight methanol without turbo or supercharger. If I can get a picture of my Ford, Corvette and the Mopar together, I will send you a print. Again, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to your employees. It will soon be time to have the brakes serviced and I will spend the extra time to take it back "home" for the service. Thanks for making my day,

Martin M. Meler

I am writting this letter just to let you know my appreciation of what an exceptional Sales and Service departments you have. I have bought two Expeditions form Ken Grody in the last four years. Every time I bring my trucks in for service, I make an appointment drop it off and usually out within minutes. Harry Freeman has taken great care of me for years; he keeps me informed on the static's of the repairs. When I pick up the truck, Harry informs me of what was repaired and when my next service is due. The other day I was at enterprise car rental dropping off my loaner drove back with another Ken Grody customer Randy Earwood and we both agreed that Ken Grody is the best Ford Dealership in Southern California. I live in South Orange County and use to purchase my cars from the dealershop in Irvine, but the service department was a nightmare. I recommend that Ford send their service Manager and Advisor to Ken Grody to learn how to operate a service department. I am looking forward to purchasing my third Expedition next year form Paul Bernstein and having Harry Freeman taking care of me in the years to come. With team platers like them, you have gained a customer for life. Sincerely,

Don Wolfer

I purchased a 1999 Ford Taurus SE in January 2000 from Ken Grody Ford. Most often, the only time one receives feedback about customer service is when there is a problem. I am writing to give positive feedback on two individuals that possess outstanding Customer Service skills, which makes them an asset to your group. When I purchased my car, I had a few problems. On every occasion that I have had to bring my car in for service, Mr. Eric Romanoff has gretted me with a smile and has graciously taken care of my needs. Inever get the impression that I am bothering him or that I am there too much. He has the ability to make you feel that you are a special customer. I also wanted to let you know that Millie is always helpful and tries her best to make the customer happy. She is always willing to explain what has to be done and she goes the extra mile in cutomer satisfaction. Sincerely,

Helen Esposito

I have leased a total of three vehicles from Ken Grody Ford, my wife has purchased one vehicle and I have leased vehicles from your establishment as well. It is not often that I write a letter of recommendation as I am a very busy person and my schedule allows little time for just about anything. However, I am compelled to write this and feel that some sort of recognition is well deserved for one of your employees. The employee that I am referring to is Armando Hurtado. Armando is the number one reason that I have come to Ken Grody and have recommended it to my wife and friends. He has always been extremely professional, courteous and has never made me feel pressured as most sales people do. Everytime that my friends, family and myself have done business at Ken Grody with Armando we have left feeling respected and excited about our trasactions. It is a pleasure doing business with your establishment as a result of Armando's efforts and I hope that you recognize what an asset he is to your fine business. As long as you have him on staff, you will have my business for life! Sincerely,

Blake Nelson

I am writting this letter to commend one of your employees, Mr. Dick Renk for his exemplary customer service. As you know, buying a car can be a very time consuming and frustrating ordeal. After six months of calling numnerous car dealers throughout Southern California, I was ready to give up on finding the car that I wanted. However, I called your dealership and spoke to Mr. Renk. I have to say, without a doubt, that Mr. Renk went above and beyond the call of duty for me. He was confident that he would find the car that I was looking for, and he made sure to keep in touch with me. Additionally, when he did find the exact car that I was looking for, he notified me immediately. Being a first time car buyer, he explained everything until I thoroughly understood what I ws signing. Furthermore, he was extremely polite with my very nervous father. As a result of his positive attitude and professional manner, I will recommend anyone I know that is shopping for a car, to Ken Grody Ford. Mr. Renk truly models what it means to be a first class customer service representative. I want to thank you again for your outstanding service. Please let Mr. Renk know, that it is because of him that I will recommend Ken Grody Ford to anyone. I truly appreciate wha he did for me. Sincerely,

Shawna L. Rimke

I am writting you to tell you thank you for your help last July. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be a proud owner of my new For F-150. I am very pleased with my truck and look forward to driving it every day. I do appreciated all you did to get me into what I wanted. The sport truck I have is a great truck and I am proud to drive it. I know now why your dealership does so well. With all the effort you all put into making the customer happy I can see why you do so well. Anyway, thanks again. Sincerely,

Ron Rehnquist

Our experience with purchasing a vehicle at your dealership was one of the most positive experiences we have encoutered. We were treated with utmost courtesy and never felt a hint of "grinding" or pressure sales. Dennis Fisher was most gracious in allowing us the opportunity to evaluate our automoblie and financial needs. We appreciate the service that was extended to us and will highly recommend your dealership to other potential buyers. When it is time to relinquish our Chevrolet Malibu, we will be back to make another selection. Sincerely,

Bridget and Tyrone Edwards

I recently purchased a new Mustang convertible from your dealership. I appreciated your no-pressure attitude and was treated very well by my salesman, kevin Kirkpatrick. Kevin was very knowledgeable about the vehicles he showed me and quickly walked me through the paperwork process. I thank you for the positive and respectful way Mr. Kirkpatrick treated me. I am enjoying my new vehicle and hope to do business with you in the future. Sincerely,

Russell W. Bukoff

After two letters of complaint I have to write this letter to thank you. I t is quite hard to buy a new truck and lose the engine in the first month. However by refunding our extended warranty and then giving us the premium warranty we now have confidence in the truck again. I believe you were more than generous. I was ready to boycott Ford and I really did not want to do that since I have been a Ford fan for many years. I particularly want to thank Kurt Maletych who made this happen. We were unable to get any satisfaction at all until talking to him. You can be sure we will continue to be Ford and Ken Grody customers. Thank you,

Steven White

I just wanted to express to you my sincerest appreciation to Ken Grody Ford for the experience I had with buying my new car. Mr. Mohammed ("Mo") Mahrassa was the sales agent who helped me pick out the right car for me. I had seen an ad in the Orange County Register for a 2001 Ford Expedition. Mr. Mahrassa lead me to the advertised specials without trying to convice me to buy an alternative vehicle. At various other dealers, they would wasted my time and try to convince me to buy an alternative vehicle. At various other dealers, they would wasted my time and try to convince me to buy another vehicle which cost much more than the advertised ones. He has followed up with phone calls to make sure everything was okay with the car and to offer any assistance that I might need. Mr. Mahrassa has been the best salesperson I've had the pleasure of dealing with in my buying experience and not just in terms of buying a car but buying anything. I have recommended Ken Grody Ford to all my friends and specifically Mo. I am the proud owner of three Ford cars, and I'm sure the next one will also be bought at Ken Grody Ford. Sincerely,

Dr. Hany Gobreial

I would first like to thank you, and especially Derek Gebo, for making my dream of owning a new car a reality. I had been searching for months for a vehicle, but, not having much money, nor any credit, obtaining a car turned out to be impossible. Everytime I called a dealership that promised to "fincance anyone! Bad credit/No credit ok!," I was turned down due to my non-existent credit history, which, unfortunately, was due to my your age. they stated that i needed a co-signer with good credit, or a huge down payment, and I had neither, My parents didn't want to have anything to do with me purchasing a new car--they still believed that the rickety old 1978 Buick LeSabre I was driving was still reliable. Seeing as how I had moved out a few months before, they didn't know how unreliable my car was getting. They didn't know the affravation and indefinite frustration I felt every morning when I would try to leave my house for work. Starting the car was no problem--keeping it that way was. Everytime I would try to accelerate, my car would die. No matter what I did--baby the pedal, floor it, warm the car up--nothing worked. I seriously needed a new car. I was about to give up hope because I was so tired of just being able to look at the cars that I wanted, and wishing that there was some way I could buy one. I would go on the internet everyday to search for used cars since I knew I didn't have a chance of purchasing a brand new one. Just for fun one day, I went on the Ford site and chose to build up a F-150 to see how much it would cost. After all, I could dream, couldn't I? When I requested to get a quote from dealerships in my area, I noticed that Ken Grody Ford was listed, and I remembered that my friend Chris Stark worked there, so I checked it off, even though I probabally wouldn't since it was somewhat far away. The next day I got an email form Derek saying that he had the truck I wanted, or one similar, and it would only cost me $300 over the invoice price. though I was ecstatic over the great deal I was offered, I knew I wouldn't be able to buy it, and wrote to Derek telling him of my situation. Within a few days I received a call from him asking me to come down to the dealership so he could discuss my getting a smaller limited resources. I agreed and we set an appointment for the following day. I immediately called Chris and told him the good news, and he said that he would talk to Derek and see how he could help me out. I got to the dealership early and went to see Chris first. He led me to Derek's office where I was greeted warmly, and since I had some time before my appointment, and Derel was still helping another customer, Chris obtained a key from Derek and took me to the rood to see if I could get an idea of what I wanted. Just recently while browsing through the internet I had seen one, so I investigated a little and found out that it was a sporty version of the Ranger. I liked the aggresive look it had, but didn't know if I would be able to get one because it was more expenisve than the regular Ranger. Well, right on the showroom floor was the exact Edge I had "built" on the Ford site--right down to the color. It even had a 6-disc in dash CD player, which was more than what I had wanted. As Chris and I passed it on the way out, I shot a glance at it and wished I could get something as nice as it was. Up on the roof though, there were many trucks to choose from, and Chris helped me try to find the most basic truck possible because I figured that it would be the cheapest, and easier for me to possibly get. After Chris dropped me off at Derek's office, assuring me that I would be well taken care of, Derek told me that with the program Ford has, I would benefit more if I bought a nicer truck--that way I could build better credit. We discussed possible trucks, and when we walked through the show room to go outside and try to find one for me, Derek stopped at the Edge and asked if I would want to purchase something like it. Of course, I was beaming at the thought , and when Derek opened the door and had me step inside, it was liek a dream come true. He asked if I liked it, and when I told him that it was what I had been looking at, but didn't think I could afford, he said, "Well, it's yours now. I'll have a porter fill it up for you." I couldn't believe it. I was being offered a brand new car and it didn't require anything that I myself coud not give. I was being offered a brand new car and it didn't require anything that I myself could not give. I was definitely stunned. After signing the paperwork, I drove away with the biggest Cheshire car grin you can picture! Basically, I just want to let you know that I am a very happy customer, and I'm extremely grateful for all that you have helped me, and to Chris for making sure that I am taken care of. You are the only dealership that would even speak to me beacuase of my age adn credit status. and I just want to make sure that you're told how co-operative and understanding you are. I've told all my friends about my great luck and they're all envious of my good fortune. A few people at work are considering buying vehicles from you, too, since they say how easy it was when I did it. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone that would ask me, and I hope that you continue your success rate. I look forward to getting my F-150 with yo uin the future when I trade in my Ranger! Sincerely,

Stella Torino

Just a little note to let you know how satisfied I was in purchasing my new focus station wagon from your organization. One is quick to see that your sales person, Eric Veluz was not only extremely knowledgeable about Ford products, but also exudes confidence, integrity, and friendship. I did not come to "Grody" to find a friend, but rather to "look" at a Frod product only to discover I now have two new friends (Eric and the Grody organization). I am usually a frequent automobile buyer (as my TRW will attest, and I will as a confirmed Grody believer return again, and, again when in the market for a Ford vehicle (or such other brand that the Grody organization markets). Sincerely,

Stanley Stone

On Sunday, July 21,2002, my husband and I drove to your showroom located on 6692 Manchester Boulevard with the intent of puchasing a car. Ray Rodriguez's professionalism and forthright remarks coupled with Frank's assistance made our experience at your showroom truly a memorable one and one that needs to be recognized. As a consumer, I have dealt with many dealerships throughout the years, but none measure to the standards which you have established at Ken Grody. I want to thank you and your staff for providing to us the personal service seldom seen withina busy corporate environment. Sincerely,

Louise A. Danilevicius

I recently purchased a new SVT Lightning F-150 pickup truck form your facility. I had previously owned a 1999 Lightning acquited from another dealership (Joe McPhearson Ford in Tustin) and was hoping to trade that vehicle in on a 2001 model. First let me say that the 1999 Lightning was the first Ford product I have ever owned. Also, I was very dissatisfied with the dealership, in every way, that I bought that vehicle from. This dissatisfaction brought me to contact other SVT dealerships around Southern California and make some inquiries. From the first phone call to your facility, until I received my new truck I dealt ezclusively with your manager, Derek Gebo. Derek was quite friendly, knowledgeable on the product and was bale to offer me the best value/deal on a new vehicle. This man is a strong postitive credit to your organization, represents your interests very favorably and always has a professional but friendly attitude. Mr. Grody, your facility is somewhat further from my residence then other dealerships. However, I must say that as long as Ford makes a product of interest to me, I will buy these vehicles from Mr. Gebo, at your facility. Please convey my thanks to Mr. Gebo for a job well done! SIncerely,

Ted J. Stewart

Thank you for helping me in the purchasing of my Ford Escape XLT. I appreciate how helpful yo uwere in answering all of my questions and made buying this car an enjoyable process. Thank you again!

Heather Robinson

I am very happy about my new For Ranger truck. This was my first time acquiring a new vehicle, and I was very pleased with the ambiance at Ken Grody Ford. My experince at Ken Grody Ford was great because fo the excellent service and the friendly environment. The customer service is superior. The sales people are nice and accommodating. After buying Ford truck I feel very confident that I have made a good choice. I want to thank you for making my car-buying experience a wonderful one. I hope that all of your customers can walk away as satisfied as I am. I love my truck! Yours Truly,

Melissa Sears May 8, 2001

I recently purchased on May 17th a mew 2002 Ford Explorer XLT from your dealership. I wanterd to mention to you that the transaction was an usual one but yet a satisfying one at the end. After test driving the car and completing our purchase with the finance department, we took delivery of the car about 4:00pm in the afternoon. Once home, I noticed a huge spot under my car. To my surprise there was antifreeze leaking from the engine area. after opening the hood, there was about an inch of antifressze left in the tank. After panicking for a few minutes, my wife and I decided to take the car back to your dealership to be fixed. At that time it was about 5:00pm and all the technicians ahd left fo the day. Luckily, Pierre Arreola from your sales starr was in the service area and attempted to see what the problem was. After seeing the leak, he asked Lenny Palaca, your sales manager, to look at the leak. THinking that we wsould have to leave this brand new car for repair for a few days, Lenny, to our surprised offered to put us in a different car with the same options, model, and color. We are very happy because we would be able to enjoy the car right away!!! Anyways, I wanted to thank your sales starr, Lenny Palaca, Pierre Arreola, and Jow Fogerty for their service. We were treated with the same great service when we purchased our SVT Cobra from you a few years ago. Thanks again,

Brian Jung

On March 8, 2002 I purchased an Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition 5.6L from your dealership and I want you to know that the experience of buying a car turned out far better than what I had anticipated. I live in Riverside and at the last minute decided to drive all the way to Orange County to see what your dealership had to offer. I noted that Ken Grody Ford was offering the 2002 Expeditions at a greater discount than the Inland Empire Ford dealerships. So I pulled into your dealership at about 9:00pm on a Friday night, knowing that it was getting close to closing time however, your salesman Nick Ly warmly greeted my daughter and me. When I relayed to him what I was interested in he eagerly showed and informed me on everything about the car, which greatly helped me in confirming that this was what I wanted and that it would fit the needs of my family well. Nick Ly was so helpful, patient and articulate in his presentation of what the Ford Expedition had to offer. He always kept in mind what I was looking for and the range I had to work within when it came to pricing and overall financing. You see, this was my first time buying a car on my own and without having my husband with me. Not that I didn’t want my hubby in on it I just wanted to see if I could buy a car all by myself. Nick’s clear explanation of the financing choices that Ford offers and his patience with answering all my questions… and I had a lot! He showed me that he and your dealership really care about people getting the best deal and at the same time not ignoring the customer’s need to keep within a budget when it comes to the car payment issue. I told Nick of a monthly payment range that I wanted to keep within and after some negotiation he was able to offer me an amount that I could accept. By the time the papers were being printed up, it was close to 11:00 pm Knowing that Nick and the remaining staff at your dealership had worked a long day, not once did anyone convey in any way that I was keeping them from going home and instead they all exhibited a warm and personable attitude and an enthusiasm for me in the purchase of my first car. With the assistance of Nick Ly buying a car from your dealership was truly a relaxed and satisfying experience and I thank you for that. I love my car! Sincerely,

Maria C. Livesay

I want to thank you for having a great group of salespersons, in particular Dave Medina. I found him to be a kind and knowledgeable salesman. It was the best treatment I have received in buying a new car. Not only was the treatment outstanding, but also the time that I spent at your dealership was very minimal. So my hat is off to Dave Medina. Sincerely,

Nunzio Frank Corso

I have recently purchased a 2000 Ford Mustang from your lot. I purchased my vehicle with a few imperfections inside and out. I have dealt with a great many places and individuals in my lifetime, but have never had the joy of working with someone as wonderful as Irene Sanchez. She was very enthusiastic, dedicated, and helpful. She made sure I was happy with the fixes and even made sure that I was comfortable driving the rental car Enterprise had provided for me. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so genuinely concerned for a customer’s satisfaction. She has made many follow-up phone calls to let me know of the status of my car, when to pick it up, where to take the rental, and even to ask how my car looks. I wanted to share this with you because I think you are extremely lucky to have such a terrific employee! She made me very happy, not to mention very impressed. I am glad to have met someone so loyal and ready to lend a helping hand to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. She gives your service department and Ford a good name! A very grateful customer,

Amie Gill

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how pleased I am with my experience at your dealership. In the past buying a car has been on my Top Ten List of "Most Hated Things To Do!" I dislike high pressure salespeople and all of the haggling that usually goes on when buying a vehicle. After visiting numerous other Ford dealerships and leaving them feeling dehumanized, I decided to try using the internet to find my car. I filled out a form indicating what kind of vehicle I was looking for and sent it off. I was promptly contacted by Derek Gebo and I drove from the Irvine Spectrum area to meet with him and see a car that fit the description. When I got there, it turned out that due to an error on my part filling out the form the car was not exactly what I wanted. I was looking for a 2000 V-8 Mustang GT convertible in red with the parchment color top and interior. Unfortunately, that specific color was not available at your dealership. Although there were other colors available Derek never tired to pressure me into buying one of them, which had happened at other dealerships. By 10:00 the next morning Derek had located the car and had it ready for me to see by 2:00 that afternoon! the car was exactly what I wanted!!! In addition, he also helped me take care of terminating my current Ford lease and by taking another vehicle I owned as a trade-in. I appreciate Derek's efforts to ensure complete customer satisfaction. It will make me a repeat customer and I will certainly recommend your dealership to others. I would also like to commend the other employees I dealt with at your dealership - I found each one to be friendly, helpful and professional - from the salespeople to the telephone operator! Best wishes to you and your employees this holiday season - Im driving my early Christmas present!! Sincerely,

Susie McKinney

I would like to thank you for the time your service manager, Chris, spent with me and my car trying to make things right. As a customer I would like you to know that his genuine kindness and servant's heart is appreciated. May God bless you!

Chrystal Hooper

We would first like to thank you for the opportunity to work with your salesman, Robert Mendoza, and express how much we are enjoying our new Excursion. Prior to starting our search for a new car, my wife and I had discussed the pitfalls of high pressure sales and being attacked as soon as we walked onto a lot. We want to assure you that at no time were we ever "attacked" or pressured into making a deal. We were treated with the utmost respect and understanding from Mr. Mendoza. We were up-front with him, told him what we were looking for and he took it from there. After a test drive and a complete explanation of the vehicle, we eventually were able to come to a very fair price and the deal was agreed upon. From the time we told Mr. Mendoza we had a deal we waited two hours for the deliver of our vehicle. Mr. Mendoza did everythimg possible to keep us comfortable during our wait including frequently checking on the status, but his hands were tied. We would like to suggest that you have your porter service expedite the prep work for new cars. After being totally satisfied with the way in which we were treated during the entire transaction, having to wait more than two hours for the delivery of our vehicle is less than satisfactory. Again, this is the only glitch we experienced throughout our entire experience at your dealership. We thank you for your attention in this matter. Sincerely,

David and Teri Pixler

I would like to at this time thank you so much for all your help with the purchase of my 2001 Explorer Sport Trac. I'm not sure if you are aware of the relationship that Derek Gebo and I had built up for a solid month in my trying to acquire a Sport Trac. I did not make Derek's job easy. Nevertheless, Derek kept trying his best to make me a deal that we both could live with. Well once a deal was made I agreed to come down to do the deal we had made online over emails. Once I got there I was first told that the vehicle the numbers we had agreed on was was sold the night before. This did not really bother me because I realize the Sport Tracs were selling fast!! Derek offered me a deal on a Sport Trac that had more than the original one the deal was based on. This other ST had everything I wanted and then some. Derek told me that it would only cost me $9.00 more than the original monthly payment on the other ST I had came for originally. I couldn't say no because this other ST had everything! It had side steps, fog lamps, 4.11 gearing, I was so excited and it was only going to cost me $9.00 more. I immediately said where do I sign! As I was filling out paperwork, Derek came in and said "We have a problem". I asked whether I should stop writing and he said yes. My stomach dropped as I thought "I knew it, here it comes". Derek begins to tell me how he made the mistake of adding my upside down from my trade-in to my down payment of $1250.00, which in turn made the deal look like I was putting down way more than agreed too. I then put my pen away, gathered m ythings, and walked off the lot without so much as a word spoken for fear of making a huge scene. Or course, I was furious because all I could think about was the time I spent talking to Derek over emails and now I'm driving off without my ST that I was sure I was going to get because I trusted Derek. In addition, the fact that I thought I was going to get into a NICELY equipped ST, which I was leaded to believe was a done deal. I wrote Derek a horrible email when I got home stating basically that he was no different than any other salesman full of empty promises and looking to score more money down. I was sure that would be the last email ever sent. However, low and behold Derek emailed me. I figured it would just be an apology for making the mistake he had made with the numbers and that would be the end of it. That's when he offered me the deal of $1250.00 down, pay off my trade, and my payments would be $439.89 over 3 years on the Ford Credit Carpet Lease. I WAS AMAZED!! Derek went on to say how that he spoke to his GM about the mistake he made and that the GM agreed to go $500.00 below the cost of the ST to get me the deal. I was shooting for a payment of $400.00 - $420.00, but realized that the value of my truck and the pay off were an issue. Although, the ST really has no options and is a base model I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE THE ST!! Derek could have very well just let things go and left it at that. However, he felt genuinely bad about the mistake he had made and was determined to do right by me. Nevertheless, he needed your (GM) approval to make it all happen and I thank you so much for being the type of dealership that really goes the extra mile. I plan very soon on getting the side steps and fog lamps as well as the tow hooks installed. Derek assured me that getting those things on my ST will be no problem and I believe him. Thanks again for all the help! I will be sending anyone who asks me which Ford dealer they should buy from to Ken Grody Ford. You have earned my business for life. I look forward to visiting the dealership again when I have the things I previously mentioned installed. Respectfully,

Michael A. Bernhard

I recently brought my truck into your dealership and I would like to take the time to share my experience and personally thank Chris for assisting me. When I met Chris he appeared very busy. He immediately shook my hand and brought me into his office. He was very friendly and professional. As it was my first time in the service department, I asked several questions regarding the amount of time I would be without my truck. Chris was very matter of fact (which I greatly appreciated) with his answers and then assisted me in obtaining a rental vehicle for the day. I was taken care of by the rental car agency and went about my business for the day. Awhile later, Chris called me, told me exactly what was going on with my truck and said I could pick it up the next day at about noon. I returned the next day about an hour earlier than Chris had advised me to and I went in to see him. Chris again shook my hand and directed me into the waiting room saying it would be a while. I was in the waiting room for about fifteen and Chris popped in and asked if I needed anything. I didn't and continued waiting. About fifteen minutes later Chris again checked in on me and gave me the status on my truck and asked me if I needed anything. He then told me he was leaving for a while and told me in about fifteen minutes I could go to the cashier and they would assist me further. At about ten 'til noon I went to the cashier and my truck was ready. I signed my paperwork and my truck, which had just been washed, was released to me. Chris was entirely accurate. This is absolutely the best service I have ever experienced in regards to owning a vehicle. The above story may sound "policy" to you, however this was new to me. What was great about this experience was dealing with Chris was that there were no "I'm not sure what's wrong with your truck" or "I don't know when it will be ready". Chris was very honest and direct, which gave me confidence your dealership was handling my truck appropriately. From time to time, all vehicle owners have had to take their vehicles in for service or repair. I have felt many times that the business or mechanic who is repairing my vehicle was not being honest and I was going to pay a large bill. Probably not an entirely legitimate bill at that. At no time did I feel this while at your dealership. Before I left the dealership, I walked into Mr. Romanoff's office and began speaking about the service I was given by Chris. I also work in a customer service oriented job and people never seem to take the time to commend those who deserve it. Which is precisely why I am writing this letter. Chris Stark handles his customers in a very professional, friendly, and respectful manner. Chris has secured repeat business from myself and I would imagine he has done so for many others. I am convinced the reason your service progam is so successful is because of employees like Chris. In future visits to your dealership I will of course be looking for Chris to assist me. Again, I would like to thank you. Sincerely,

Dave Strong.

This is just a short letter to express my thanks to you for the fine dealership you own. Two days ago I purchased a 2000 Ford Ranger from Paul Bernstein. I drove forty-five minutes, passing two other Ford dealerships to reach your location. It would have been a whole lot easier to stop at either dealer and purchase a vehicle rather than brave the construction on the Santa Ana Freeway; however, I chose yours. The reasons you may find interesting. Last December I decided to purchase a new Ranger. I used Yahoo and was directed to three dealerships in Orange County. I e-mailed each dealer with my specific request. Paul got back to me the next day (four days before the second dealer and five days before the third). Each salesman searched for the truck. Again, Paul was the first to tell me it didn't exist on any lot and would have to be ordered from the factory. He didn't try to sell me something I didn't want like other salesmen did, but rather gave me an exact price and a time frame to expect delivery. The truck arrived on time, in perfect shape, and to my exact specifications. Paul then told me I was entitled to a $500 rebate adn 5.9/ financing... a nice surprise!! He could have kept his mouth shut and I would have never known. The original price was fair and I would have paid it. the efficent lady who process my paperwork and worked faster than a one-handed paper hanger had me in and out of her office in minutes! I value integrity and service. I received both at your dealership. If anyone asks for a refernce on where to purchse a Ford product, I won't hesitate to send them to Ken Grody Ford Buena Park. They may complain about getting ther, but they'll be glad they went the extra distance. Sincerely,

Mike Buettell

We would like to thank the sales team at Ken Grody Ford for helping us purchase our new Explorer Sport Trac. When we drove into your lot we had already been to 3 other dealers and we weren't sure what it was we were looking for. Eddie Verdusco greeted us, but was not pushy. After an hour or so of looking at different vehicles it was suggested that we look at the Explorer. At first we didn't like the seats but Eddie fixed that by upgrading us to leather, then it was all about color. While we were out on our test drive Eddie searched the back lot and found the color with all the options we wanted. Eddie told me when we walked in that we were not going to drive home in our old car.... and he was right. He went beyond the call of duty and spent lots of time with us. Thank you Eddie for everything. Sincerely,

Brad and Tracy Stewart

This letter is to report what I can only describe as some of the best service help I have ever received, thanks to Mr. Craven whom everyone apparently know as Lee. My vehicle (which I bought one month ago from your Lincoln-Mercury dealership with another outstanding experience with your sales staff including John Sittingdown and Ramses) developed an air-conditioning problem and a noise problem at 65mph. Needless to say they needed repair right away. When I brought my car in Lee knew exactly what to do. His customer manner was superb! When I called to find out the status, he was available, knowledgeable about the status of the car, and reassuring. I also had the distinct impression that he was following the progress of the car personally, and that was a very comfortable feeling. As I have said by seperate cover regarding Irene Sanchez, writing these letters take time which I generally do not have, but I would have felt remiss if I did not take the time to compliment work above and beyond not only the norm, but the outstanding. Sincerely,

Jeffrey A. Smith

I wanted to thank you for the help you gave me in getting my radio and speaker problems in my Lincoln Continental resolved. I know having to go through the Chrysler warranty complicated this process and it was further complicated in having to deal with the problems from AER. Again, Thank you for handling it in such a professional and accomodating way. Sincerely,

Richard Caslow

I just wanted to take this time to thank you and Eric for your efforts and follow through on getting new tires on to my 2001 Ford Sport Explorer, especially on a Saturday. I feel a lot safer now. I really appreciate it. Sincerely,

Jesse M. Felsot

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your service advisor, Mike Baek, for his courtesy and assistance with a recent recall service on my vehicle. Since it woudl be necessary for me to wait for the repairs to be done, I visited with Mike, who set up an appointment made sure all the parts would be in stock and even ordered a replacement for another part unrelated to the recall. On the day of service, my vehicle was checked in within 5 minutes, and the entire job was done witinin the two hour time limit that was promised. It is rare today to find a company that does what is promised, on time, and in a professional manner. Thank you again for your handling of these repairs. Sincerely,

Garry Brodmann

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for how you accommodated me in the purchase/ lease of my new 2001 Ford F-150. It is refreshing to know that there is honest, hard working and customer oriented sales people in the car business. You have restored my faith in the auto buying experience. You worked very hard in accomplishing what I found to be the impossible. I shopped several Ford dealers around the Orange County area adn two in the Inland Empire adn none of the dealers offered me what Ken Grody and Armando so freely gave to me. Not once did you insult my intelligence by presenting me with numbers that did not make sense, nor did you play games with me regarding my credit report or any other deciding factors in the purchase/lease process. You presented me with numbers that made sense. I got what I wanted at Ken Grody Ford. Let Armando stand as a model of how all auto sales people should be. You provided me with extras you won't find on the sticker price and many benefits that can never be priced or bought. You have scored the highest of all ratings and will have my business for life! Sincerely,

Troy P. Eckstein

I want to thank both of you for your assistance an cooperation in working with me to liquidate on of our auto leases. It is a pleasure to work with both of you. Your professionalism, courtesy and promptness gives me utmost confidence in doing business with the Ken Grody Ford organization. Sincerely,

Noly Lallana

Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude. The manner in which the purchase of our Lincoln 2000 LS was without a doubt the most pleasant automobile acquisition we have ever experienced. The professionalism extended to us was without pressure or false promises. The questions we presented to the salesman, Steve Sittingdown, were addressed immediately and intelligently. His pleasant manner was truly sincere. We view each of you as completely qualified for your respective positions and performed them in a proficient and professional posture, creating an atmosphere of true dedication to your employer and customers. I am sure Ken Grody and your immediate supervisor are proud that you represent an integral part of a team that works together. Kindly share my words of thanks to Steve and your managerial staff. Most sincerely,

Shirley and Ron Bleininger

Would like to take this time to thank you and your team for your commitment in satisfying your customers and because of this commitment I can say that you have acquired another extremely satisfied customer. I had ordered a vehicle from another dealership, but they did not have a production date. I walked into Ken Grody Ford and found the same vehicle I wanted. Your efforts along with the efforts and care of your fellow co-workers, Mr. Erik Pak, Amador Flores, and Irene Sanchez made the purchase of my second vehicle in my life a pleasureable one and one that will assure my return as well as other I can send your way. I am one happy customer! Thank you,

Stanley Rivera

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what an outstanding operation you are running. I leased a new F-150 from your dealership yesterday and the process was great, all the training you and your staff are doing is paying off. Michelle Crawford and Eric Pak were very helpful and informative, Heather Harris in finance was very thorough and made the whole process very easy. Your detail department made my new black truck look absolutely great! Ken, I deal with numberous dealerships daily and it's easy to see why you are as successful as you are. Your operation is not only clean and well organized, but everyone makes each and every step of the process a pleasure. You truly have a grasp on how your customer is changing and what it takes to exceed their expectations. I would like to personally thank you and your staff for making my new vehicle acquistiion a pleasure. Regards,

Dave Molyneaux

Just an informal note to let you know how pleased we are with your dealership. My wife and I had the good fortune of walking inot your dealership for a pick up, new or used. We were shown a lot of pickups and your salesperson, Mr. Robert Mendoza had a lot of patience and insisted we test drive the pickups we liked. To make a long story short, even with our credit, that was not so good, we were still treated like first class citizens. I've experienced being at dealerships with good credit, and we were not treated well. Your manager, Mr. Manny Perez, structured a deal we could not refuse. Your GSM, Mr. Kurt Maletych, came and introduced himself to us and said he was there for us if we had any questions. We bought a 1998 Nissan pickup which we like very much, but alas we had a problem. The next day I came by to see Mr. Maletych, explained my problem, and it was resolved in record time. The attitude of Mr. Maletych was a thing to behold. Your choice of sales and executive personnel spaeks highly of yourself and your dealership. I shall not hesitate to recommend your dealership to all of my friends. Thank you,

Ramon & Sandy Gonzalez

I recently purchased a new Ford Explorer from Ken Grody. The salesperson who assisted me was Chad Augustine, I found him to be very helpful and professional in many ways. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and acquaintances. I will definitely keep him in mind when any member of my family needs to purchase a vehicle in the near future. I feel the Ford dealers need more people like Chad in their sales force. Yours truly,

Ken Neubauer

My sincerest thanks for a job well done! Your efforts as well as that of the others were instrumental in resolving a severe defect in our auto. Your staff's pro-active action and attitude deserves a written commendation. Let it be known to all that Ken Grody's customer satisfaction banner should be raised high for all to see. Although, we purchased a used car, we were treated as royalty throughout the purchase of our automobile and in addition, we were treated as customer number one when trouble with our auto befell us. Sincere thanks and job well done to your staff. Sincerely,

Joseph Andrews

I have purchased many new cars over time. Never have I had as pleasant of an exprience as I did the day I purchased my new Mustang from your establishment. My salesperson, Eddie, was very pleasant to work with and his professionalism impressed me immensely. We explained to him what we were looking for and he responded. The most impressive part of this transaction was the fact that Eddie was the only one that we had to deal with. All previous transactions with other dealers have been to various degrees of unsettling emotions. The feeling of being forced into a purchase or "ganged up on" has been my past experience. I never once felt uncomfortable or pressured while dealing with your facility and I commend your company for this approach. I would, without hesitation recommend you to anyone that asks. Furthermore, my next purchase (if a Ford) will definitely be at Ken Grody Ford. Thank you and especially thanks to Eddie for such a pleasant experience!

Sincerely, Denise Silva

In December, my husband and I purchased a 2000 Explorer from Ken Grody. After 4,000 happy miles on my Explorer I brought it in for an oil and filter change. Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a train and was 20 minutes late. I was sure I would be told I had to reschedule my appointment, but Hector DeLa Fuente said he would see if service could take me. I was fit in and because of Hector's courtesy and your parts and service department I will be a Ken Grody customer for life. Thanks so much!

Desiree Young

We would like to take the time to thank you personally for all your help in getting us our new Excursion. We appreciate the time and patience you took in listening to us and seeing us through the loan process. The whole family loves the new Excursion and we are very happy with the way things worked out and the service we received. Sincerely,

Ray and Vivian Diaz

I wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the newly acquired Explorer. We also wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the service that was given when going through the paperwork procedures. We were in and out within 20 minutes! Thanks again for everything. We'll see you in a few years for another new vehicle! Sincerely,

Leonard Aoyama and Victoria Barajas

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for going out of your way to satisfy me as a customer. I live in Aliso Viejo and the drive to Ken Grody Ford is lenghty and not a very practical one. However, I never experienced a more helpful or pleasant service department with any vehicle I have ever owned - that makes the drive worth it. When I brought my 1999 Explorer in for service this past week, I was once again reminded of just how much the drive means to me. I had an issue with a "gray area" in my warranty as it pertained to my tail light that was not only rectified in my favor, but every other item was handled with great attention to detail. You clearly went out of your way for me Mike and you are a credit to the wonderful Service Department in which you represent. I only drive Ford products. Thank you so much for making me feel like a valued customer and thank you for reminding me why I choose Ken Grody Ford. Sincerely,

Michael Roberts

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your sales representatives, Mr. Fernando Limon & Mr. Manny Perez, for your outstanding assistance during the leasing of my new vehicle which is Ford Expedition from your company. I can clearly say that Mr. Limon & Mr. Perez was very well organized and conducted the entire operation in a very preofessional manner. I am pleased with my new vehicle and feel that it was very nice to lease my new vehicle through your organization has been beneficial for myself. Again, I thank you for your efforts in assisting me for leasing a new vehicle and loan procedure and ensuring quality service from your company throughout the transition period. Sincerely,

Jong I. Woo

God bless Ford and Ken Grody staff. I appreciate your time and efforts in assisting me with such silly car questions and concernes. I will always recommend Ken Grody Ford as the place to purchase a vehicle. I am proud of driving a Ford Mustang and happy with the service I receive at Ken Grody Ford. Thanks to the entire staff and maintenance team. I appreciate everyone's service at Ken Grody Ford. You people are great. My car does not start and you fix everything as soon as possible. With New Years ahead and contracts to get done for work before the end of this month you have all worked as a team for me to get my car back ASAP. This company is #1 in Orange County. Thank you! Sincerely,

Audie Contreras

Saturday, July 17th, I came in with my head chef to help him in the purchase of a new vehicle. I have bought a few vehicles from a variety of dealerships before and I have always found the experience ranges from adequate to satisfactory (nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about). The deal that you gave us was very gracious and I am most appreciative, but that is not the reason I am writing this letter. My head chef, Rafael is a family man of great integrity and moral stature. I have enourmous respect for this man. Rafael was born in Mexico and his command of the English language is limited. As I have often witnessed, and Rafael is very sensitive to, Mexican people are often times treated as second class citizens, or not given that much time or consideration in business dealings. Beverly Swanson assisted in Rafael's purchase, and I want you to know how absolutely wonderful she is. She is an incredible asset to Ken Grody Ford. Beverly took so much time to explain things (when no doubt she could have been working on more profitable deals), and treated Rafael with such dignity, patience and respect that he just loved the entire experience. Ask Beverly, he was blushing like a new bride, but it was more than just the joy of taking home the first brand new vehicle ever for hos family (by the way it was a complete surprise, they didn't know anything about it), but it was also from the joy of how he was treated. His wife wouldn't even wear shoes in the van for the first few days. I know this all sounds corny, but you can get so caught up in the business of selling cars that you miss some of the charming, little things behind the sale. I want to thank you on behalf of Rafael; I want you to know that this was the most first class vehicle purchase I have been involved with (I have told my wife about Beverly and we will purchase our next vehicle through her), and how completely wonderful Beverly and the entire staff was to us. I have always had a deep respect for you and now I have an even deeper one. I wish you continued success in everything,

David George

I'm writing you this letter to thank two of your employees, Mike Aguilar and Jaime Agredano, but especially Mike Aguilar. He was more than helpful to me, I give many thanks to him. They were very helpful to me so I thought by writing this letter directly to you, Mr. Ken Grody please give your employees a big pat on the back for me for doing a very good job and making it possible for me to get my car. My credit was not very good, and still you trust I'm going to do my best in keeping my payments up to date to better my credit score. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so and many, many thanks. Sincerely,

Shirley Longsworth-Paul

We are writing you this letter to give commendation to David Medina, our Sales Representative. David sold us a Windstar on Friday evening and we could not have had a more efficient, speedy, friendly transaction. We didn't have a lot of time (as we had two small children waiting for us at Grandma's) and David dide a great job of "speeding along" the process with us. Yet, he also did a very thorough job of explaining the vehicle, the test drive, and all the contract information. David had an easy-going, warm personality which we appreciated. We would like you to know what a great employee you have in him! Sincerely,

Greg and Sylvia Haskell

On Saturday, July 3, 1999 we purchased from your dealership a new Ford Escor SE car. Our salesman was Rick J. Baca and his supervisor is Dana Eastman. We wanted to thank them and advise you that they gave us wonderful, courteous, patient, and non-pressured, completely satisfying assistance in the selection of your new motor vehicle. Your team are a great asset to your company and much appreciated. A job well done. Very truly yours,

Melvin G. Leung and Angela N. Leung

We wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how much we actually enjoyed purchasing a new car from your dealership. We especially wanted to compliment Tausha Myers on her professionalism and non-pressure style of salesmanship. We had been looking for a new car for about the last three months. We knew we wanted a Ford as we already owned three Fords and were very happy with the cars and service. After visiting three other Ford dealerships in the past three weeks I stopped at Ken Grody lasts Thursday on my way back to work after a business meeting. Tausha approached me and showed me your large slelection of Taurus vehicles. She never used the usual line I had been used to "So what can I do to put you in this vehicle today?" or in any way made me feel under any pressure to purchase a vehicle right then, which I was not ready to do. The next day we talked and she had located the exact car I wanted. Saturday, June 19th, my wife and I purchased our new car. What I really appreciated was the fact that Tausha handled the sale from beginning to end without the use of a "closer". At all times she was very prefessional and knowledgeable about the car and the paperwork. She was also a lot more patient than I would have been considering the number of times I made her run "new numbers". Again, we just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed purchasing our new car at your dealership and meeting and working with Tausha. Sincerely,

Frank and marcia Thielen

I am witing to express my gratitude for your help in my recent car lease. The extent of your generosity was overwhelming. Being a first time car buyer, it was very refreshing to have someone looking out for my best interest and lending a helping hand. It took away from the intimidation I would have otherwise felt. I would also like to take this time to thank my Sales Agent, Rick, for his warmth and friendliness, which made obtaining my wonderful Explorer Sport a very pleasant experience. In closing, I was very impressed by the service I received, as was Vic Haggerty, who referred me to you. Again, my deepest appreciation goes to you, your staff, and Ken Grody. Thank you,

Porsche Broudreaux

My wife and I recently bought a 1999 Ford Windstar from your dealership. Beverly Swanson handled the transaction for your dealership and I must say she did a very fine job and exhibited real professionalism. Sincerely,

Jim Giannoit

We wanted to take the time to express how fantastic the staff is at Ken Grody Ford. In our multiple years of car purchasing, we have never been treated so courteously and respectfully. David Medina is friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of vehicle purchasing; from the options on the vehicles themselves to the intricacies of purchase/lease options available. He made every part of the transaction comfortable and easy! David is an asset to Ken Grody Ford. We were referred to your dealership by my mother; Faye Stringer who last fall purchased a new Taurus, and then two moths later purchased another Taurus for her sister because she was so impressed with the agency and the quality of the service provided. We will definitely be back for future purcahses, and will be telling all about the excellence of service you have provided. We are delighted with our new Ford ranger XLT. Keep up your high standards. And please coney our high praise along with our thanks to David Medina! Sincerely,

Daryl & Pam Collier

I would like to commend you and your staff for what has to be the most pleasurable new car shopping experience I have ever had. I throughly enjoyed meeting and interacting with Chad Augustine and his manager Christine Bellino. You should know that for the first time in my life I WANTED to buy instead of being pressured to buy. Since 1994 we have been buying fords exclusively. Our dealership experiences have been less than satisfying. Your dealership sets a new level for all others to reach for. As a business owner, I want to know when improvements are needed, but its also nice to know that others have recognized your efforts towards excellence. I congratulate all of members of Ken Grody Ford sales team for a job well done. Very Truly Yours,

Gary Maurer

In September 1998, I leased a new Ford Expedition from your company. This is my first Ford as I have been driving lexus and Mercedes forver and have only dealt with Greg Penske because of his great service. When i first approached your company last year, I intially met your fleet manager on his day off, and he was very helpful. I leased and Expedition that day and later met Paul Chella who was very concerned that I was pleased with the way the vehicle was delivered. In May of this year, the expedition became sick so I took it to Worthington Ford (only because of their location in Long Beach) where I was told that I had a coil problem which would take about two weeks to repair as the parts were not available. Further, I was told that they could do nothing for a vehicle replacement. It will be a cold h--- before i ever set foot on another Worthington lot. I then called Paul Chella who was most concerned and couldnt do enough fast ebough. Paul wasted no time in locating the parts, repairing the vehicle in two days and providing me with another vehicle. It's people like Paul who will keep me coming back, but I most congratulate you for building such a fine people oriented organization. Very Sincerely,

Rick macklin

It has been more than six months since I drove my beautiful new black mustang GT out of your parking lot and onto the streets. I am very proud of my car. I know it is only a material "thing" but i can honestly tell you that I love my car! I didnt want another day to go by and not thank you for all the help you have given me (and family) in aquiring automobiles. We tend to always complain about people and things when things go wrong but i think that we should also take the time to say "thanks" when things go right. I know you went out of your way to help me four years ago with my first car. I can easily understand why the company promoted you to the position you are in now and I have no doubt you will continue to succeed. You can tell your boss to remind him that it's not the company that is successful, it's the people who work there that make Ken Grody Ford a number one outfit. I wish you only the best, not because you care enough to always go the extra mile. Speaking of miles... I can only repeat - I love my car! You are an absolute doll! May you continue to prosper and succeed in all that you do. i wish you and yours God's blessings always! Take care of yourself. I will see you again. I cant imagine buying a car from anyone else. Sincerely,

Maria Jarman

my wife, Arlene, and I want to formally thank you for the superior srvice that you gave us in leasing a new windstar van. We came into Ken Grody Ford on 5/31 shortly after 5:00pm and were greated in a warm and professional manner. You were very efficient in ascertaining our needs. The only problem my wife encountered was which color to select. And, let us complement the dealership as well for an excellent selection from which to choose. As the sun was setting, she made her choice. When we went inside to consider buying vs leasing, I was pleasently surprised. Your presentation on the benefits of leasing was professional, concise and convincing. We ended up payimg less per month, which we expected, but the lease coverage with gap insurance, full maitenance and topped by a fantastic lease rate made the sale. Once again thanks to you and everyone at the dealership for your great service. We have thoroughly enjoyed driving the Windstar and will be referring our friends to you. Sincerely,

Darvin Drenkhahn

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleasant yours sales personnel made our recent purchase of a new car. Normally, I hate the hassle of car purchasing will all of the delays and time-consuming details, but, this time it was quite different. Ms. Mindy Huesser made the time pass quickly and she took such pains as to see that both my wife and myself were sufficiently informed on all of the car's features and comforts. She was a real "jewel" and we appreciated all of her efforts. if you have the opportunity, please express our appreciation to her. Thank you. Sincerely,

Ellis C. Brown

Hi , My name is Alex Smyth and I would like to inform you that I have just bought a new Ford Mustang from your company I would also like to thank you for the service which I recieved from your staff. I had shopped around at least seven main Ford dealers and your company stood out miles in every department, Clarence is easily one of the best sales executives I have dealt with and Jack from the finance department was also a pleasuer to deal with. I would take this chance to congratulate your company as easily the most professional Ford agent in the LA area and I will look forward top being a loyal customer of Ken Grody Ford. I will be passing on the pleasant nature of which your company do business to all my friends here in AT&T and hope they will also do buisness with you. I would appreciate if you would thank your Staff on my behalf for looking after me in the way they did, and for once I have been involved with a company who actually care for the customer I wish you and your company the success you deserve in the future Regards,

Dr Alex Smyth

Last month I came to your Buena Park dealership's service department with a difficult extendeded service warranty problem. Of course, the warranty was difficult because it was not written by Ford but was once your competition. Eric Romanoff and his assistant Jeremy Curry went out of their way to take care of my problem and I left knowing I had dealt with professionals. I wanted to compliment you on your service department and its excellent staff. I think great customer service is difficult to come by these days and so it is worth the time to acknowledge it and write this letter of appreciation. I will be buying my next Ford from Ken Grody Ford. Sincerely,

Frederick Krause